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What is Squeezebox?
A. squeeze•box  noun: a concertina or accordian; any instrument in the shape of a prism or box that is operated by squeezing.

B. squeeze•box is a full service design and screen-printing studio offering promotional merchandise for you and your business. We can also operate by squeezing...

What can Squeezebox do for me?
A. Custom Orders Need to find a style, to illustrate your ideas, to promote yourself; need T-shirts? Squeezebox can help you each step of the way. more

B. Websites Need a web presence so the world knows about YOU. Squeezebox sets up a site that you can control. more

C. Retail Shop Its the renaissance of the T-shirt, you need to wear something inspired on yo'self. Visit the Squeezebox Shop. more

Who is Squeezebox?
Squeezebox Studios was created in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2003 by a couple of aspiring young idealists who believed that the T-shirt might just become the greatest form of artwork of our generation.

How to get a custom screen-printing job started:
A. Check out the types of promotional merchandise that we print: CUSTOM

B. Learn about our set-up, quantities, order process and lots of other good INFO

C. Check our price charts to get an idea of how much your pieces will cost: PRICES

D. Contact us at

It's summer in the city - let the flaunting begin
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