lime, sand, sex and salsa in the land of the conquistadors

The new book by kent evans is an extraordinary odyssey through the south of Mexico told through the irreverent pen of one of America’s hottest underground writers. A brilliantly orchestrated travel memoir blending conversations, verse, E-mail updates and lyrical prose. Malas Ondas tracks one man’s mesmerizing and hilariously masochistic descent into 21st century sin all in the cause of that timeless enigma: self-discovery.


Kent Evans is one of the top stars of the spoken word and experimental art scene, having appeared in such venues as the Madison Square Garden Theater, Academic Beaux Arts in Paris and Nuyorican Poets Cafe in Greenwich Village. Acclaimed internationally, Kent has worked, performed and recorded with such collectives as Augenblick, Soulkid, Wanderlust NYC and most recently, Meitz in Berlin. His writing has appeared in Yellow Rat Bastard Magazine as well as numerous national pop-culture and literary zines and publications (when he isn't whoring out his writing talent to Fortune 500 Companies)

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