Stuff I’m involved with, articles and junk
KUHF Houston Public Radio
An interview with me and tour partner Kienyo to promote our performance at the Artery in Texas in October.

Diverse Works Art Space
A web publishing of poetry I recorded in Houston in the Fall of 2004.

The Artery
An awesome performance and art space in Houston.

Meitz New Album (Vertikal)
Yeah so it's not my best recording ever but the Germans seem to dig it and it's getting a lot of internet radio play. Do a google on "Meitz" and "White Powder" and see what you can find. Plus pick up the album, it's dope, and I'm not just saying it cause I'm on it  (trust me, royalties ain't flowin from Berlin).

Sick ass performance collective run by my buddy Sully aka Mephisto. I’ve done like a couple dozen shows with ‘em and it’s always nuts (imagine receiving nitrous from a mad scientist while being spanked by a naughty nurse with video images, audio manipulation and performance art colliding with poetry and you get a vague idea). Way cool.
YRB Articles
Some bullshit I wrote that they posted on the web. Hey you gotta eat right?
Music you need to check out
The Insidious Rays
Jersey representing! My buddies Jon and crew keeping it real out by exit 9.
Sick keyboard player and composer in Berlin. He’s played with everyone from Jazzanova to your momma and is one of the pioneers of C64. (BTW I appear on his next album if he ever gets his act together and finishes mastering the damn thing!)
Robbie Seahag
The undisputed king of guitar manipulation and rubber band cocks. Robbie has been in like a billion bands you might know, most recently The Sound of Urchin and Project/Object. His solo stuff is… well you check it out
My buddy Ken’s (Jonies Butterfly) newest band blowing up in CT.
Sound of Urchin
Robbie’s latest band, hard and fun and funny as hell.
CTHC at it’s finest. I’ve known John, Chris and Drew forever, and I can tell you no one does it harder or better (wow that sounds kinda perverse).

Elvis McMan
Crazy punk bastards featuring my frightening buddy James Rockwood, the first guy to do a hockey pull on me in 15 years who has an annoying habit of calling me SoftWood (bastard…).
Chief Rocka
Awesome Ohio hip-hop collective blowing up in Akron, Cleveland, and beyond. Lots of love guys.
Carl Restivo
Former singer for IZ, Wyclef collaborator (check the new album!) and generally dope guy and good friend. Keep representing brother.
Poets and Writers much cooler than me

(who barely acknowledge my presence)

Pearl Abraham
Hassidic erotica, ‘nuff said.
Diane Downey
Good friend, mentor, forger of companies, Diane gives you all the advice you’ll ever need to know about managing that pesky bureaucratic mess you work in.
Loki Kevorkian (Rogue Scholars)
Loki is my favorite little bitch ass punk poet spoken word star wannabee I know. For some reason the awesome Rogue Scholars let him hang about. If you’re real nice he’ll probably give you a copy of his latest book: Club Fascistland (which is a Gay Wizard of Oz set in a dystopian New York, need I say more?)
Jillian Medoff
Wonderful lady and friend with two very good books wrecking the literary world right now (heck they made her first Hunger Point into a movie!).
Michelle Pauli
Guardian writer, sex guru, spiritual guide – I’m pretty sure Michelle thinks I’m just some immature drunken American poet (she’d be right) but I love her anyway.

Drew Trudeau
Wandering bass player poet minstrel. Keeping the open mic scene flowing in CT as well as rocking out with Sicboy, Drew is definitely one cool cat.
Cool Mags
YRB Magazine
All your urban needs, clothing, commentary, and chicks making out.
Creative Resources
The Floating Gallery
The self-publishing division of my press. They’re very reasonable, cheap and friendly if you ever get sick of waiting for a major house to recognize your brilliance.
Quartz Design
Karen Wertz, super designer extraordinaire, tasked with all the cover and layout of Malas Ondas and making me look good (a difficult task indeed).

The Squeezebox
the baby of two old NYU possee Laura and Davey, finally somebody catering to all the rest of us creative types in need of some publishing, screen-printed tshirts and stuff.
Writers Weekly
Freelance gigs and advice, like for writers.

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