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Malas Ondas
lime, sand, sex and salsa in the land of the conquistadors

The new book by Kent Evans is an extraordinary odyssey through the south of Mexico told through the irreverent pen of one of America’s hottest underground writers. Running for his life from New York, the Twin Towers, and a disastrous relationship, this uproarious travelogue chronicles Kent's initiation into Third World society. Join him as he samples the tastes, soaks in the culture and sinks ever deeper into depravity all the while treating readers to Mexico's fabulous treasures. A brilliantly orchestrated travel memoir blending conversations, verse, E-mail updates and lyrical prose, Malas Ondas (Spanish for "Bad Vibes") tracks one man’s mesmerizing and hilariously masochistic descent into 21st century sin all in the cause of that timeless enigma: self-discovery.

"Not so much a book as a rave. Kent set himself loose in Mexico and endured a blur of blitzed nights, bewildering parties, orgies, near-death experiences, misguided romance and still found time for a little mayhem and more than a healthy sampling of the local beverage selection. What came out the other end was some of the best writing in the last ten years. Absolutely astounding. I hate him. "

-Joyce Egginton
NY Times Bestselling author of
From Cradle to Grave, Day of Fury, and Circle of Fire

"Kent Evans is one of the best young writers alive today. If Rimbaud, Henry Rollins and Hunter S. Thomson collaborated with Arthur Frommer on a Rough Guide, you might get some idea of what you're in for: A brilliant, wickedly satiric low-budget tour through the seamier and sexier parts of a Third World culture. Kent has nailed the Zeitgeist of our times. I couldn't put the book down."

-David Ishay
YRB Magazine

"Unflinching. Alternating disdain and adoration for the current traveler subset, Kent Evans creates a mix of humor and emotion that is served neat and with no apologies or equivocations. And thank God for that. It is easy to imagine sharing a bottle of Mescal with Evans in some forlorn jungle encampment as he recounts tales by a fire."

-Julie Zieman
Minnesota Poet Laureate

"Hilarious! Kent is not interested in making sense of the circus of his life, but rather plows dead ahead into the chaos which feeds it. Ecstatic and compelling, this one part fable and two parts gospel is well worth the trip."

-Robbie Seahag
The Sound of Urchin



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