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​What is Squeezebox ?

We are a full service design and screen-printing studio offering promotional printed merchandise and graphic design.

Who are we ?

Squeezebox was created in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2003 by a couple of aspiring young idealists who believed that the Tshirt just might become the greatest form of artwork of our generation. 

Squeezebox is now run by sole proprietress Laura Wilson Crimmins, the artist and designer of all the work you'll find in the portfolio.

What's our story ?

We started with our own designs inspired by the vintage Tshirts of the 70's, printed on a home-made screen-printing table with water-based inks. We sold them primarily at festivals and concerts and through our online Squeezebox Shop. Soon we were printing and selling merchandise for our friends' bands on the road, and within a few years we were offering design, merchandise management, and screen-printing to a wide variety of clients. 



EST 2003

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