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The Insidious Rays 2017

The newest incarnation: punk nightmare art of lead singer Matt Juknevic meets web design skills of Laura Wilson. Long live The Insidious Rays.

Robert Palumbo

​​A gallery site we designed and built entirely from scratch solely with HTML for NYC-based documentary filmmaker and photographer Robert Palumbo. Including organization and processing of all images. Built in 2003, still active.


Site concept, design and development for Astrograss, a Brooklyn-based bluegrass band for kids. Website designed to be fun for both parents and kids. Drawings by Genevieve LeLoup. Built in 2012. Still active.

Squeezebox Studios

The original Squeezebox Studios website and online store, The Squeezebox Shop. Incorporating over 20 independent pages including a retail store, wholesale custom aspect, web design fulfillment, videos and animations. Created in 2003 and active for over a decade.


Bunita Marcus
Site concept, design and developement using PHP elements for self-updating capabilities including blogs and galleries; for New York based New Music Composer Bunita Marcus. Incorporating over 50 pages including numerous score samples and a Paypal shop to sell both MP3s and scores. Still active.

Madi Diaz
Site design incorporating the musician's own sketches with Flash animation elements. Madi Diaz was originally a Philadelphia based singer/songwriter starring in the documentary "Rock School" in 2005, now relocated to LA.
Built in 2006, active for many years.
Mousey Brown Salon
Site concept and design for a Williamsburg, Brooklyn beauty salon. Incorporating vintage photographs made into sketches. Developed in 2007, still active.

School of Rock
Complete organizational redesign of The Paul Green School of Rock Music website which at the time had 13 franchises spread over the US. Built in 2004, site was redeveloped when entire corporation was bought and changed to a national School of Rock company a few years later. 
The Insidious Rays
A really fun site design we called "The Comptroller" which incorporated animated gifs, rollovers, scrolling text and sounds bites to replicate the feeling of using a machine-like toy to view the site contents.  

A very simple yet elegant site with only 5 pages built for Tangerine talent agency in 2004. 

Community Services Trust Salem

Our very first, and very special website design project. Built with partner Karen Wertz in 2001 (before Squeezebox) in Southern India while living with the family of a director of a non-profit providing community services for the city of Salem in Tamil Nadu. This site was built using our own photographs taken on site and written entirely with HTML type without any web development tools, laptops or cellphones. 



EST 2003

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