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CD Package Design

Al Di Meola
All Your Life

Laura's latest and most exciting CD project yet: an 8 panel fold-out digipak design incorporating over 100 photos including many of her own shot on tour with DiMeola over the years. All Your Life is a latin-inspired acoustic guitar tribute to the Beatles recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London by guitar master Al Di Meola, who Laura has been tour managing for many years. A highligh of this project was also getting to title the album. 


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The Insidious Rays
More Songs about Sex, Love, Death and Sex

The "Skullfro" was imagery dreamed up by lead singer and guitarist Matty Love and brought into an underground marketing reality by Laura at Squeezebox. The iconic psycho-surf-pirate-punk-rock image spread from this album to Tshirts being worn across the country, stickers adorning cars the tri-state over, and buttons and posters tacked from NYC to Allentown to St. Louis. All hail the Skullfro! The live show and beach photography on this 4panel digipak design is also by Laura. 


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Al Di Meola, World Sinfonia
Live from Seattle and Elsewhere

This is a 4panel Digipak design for a live disc from guitar hero Al Di Meola's touring group World Sinfonia. Imagery came from a larger painting found by Al, photography by Italian photographer Francesco Cabras taken in Rabat, Morocco on tour (Laura having the pleasure to manage the shoot). Graphic design, fonts, typography and titling the album by Laura. Self produced by DiMeola's own label, thousands sold primarily on the road personally by Laura. 


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Tattoo E.P.

A traditional jewel case design for NYC-based band IZ in 1996. This was Laura's first CD design and first "Photoshop Wizardry" project. On inspiration from lead singer Carl Restivo and a 12" Hari Krishna poster on his apartment wall, she took the heads of 5 band members and Photoshopped them into the party. Disc art by NYC illustrator Jim Tudesco. 


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EST 2003

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